By boat and By bike, Rob Warner’s Highland fling

02 November 2023

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Join Rob as he Island hops his way across the West coast of Scotland.

Join Rob as he Island hops his way across the West coast of Scotland 

Late last summer Rob and Olly Wilkins took on the GR5 from Geneva to Nice, 500km by E-MTB, and failed. But lets not dwell on the past… because good things come from these adventures, no matter how obscure… 

Rob and Alex got chatting during the adventure, and Alex bored him to death talking about his kelp farm that he has off the coast of the Island of Skye on the West (not East) coast of the Scotland. So much so that Rob just had to come over and visit. That combined with the fact that Rob could satisfy a bit of his guilty pleasure, Palm Trees.  

Not to mention that from Plockton on the west coast where the Plan Trees grow happily, Rob and Alex could hop over to the kelp farm, then onto Rassay, followed by Skye. And after crossing the Plans of Skye, hop on another boat that would take them to the Knoydart peninsular and a short ride to the most remote pub in the UK. 

It was a tough three day adventure that saw them using many modes of transport, countless miles cycled and even a hike a bike section, but what kept Rob going was the thought of a pint of cold beer and a big plate of fish and chips at the end of the line.  

Did he complete this challenge? Did he get his beer? Did the Scottish weather hold out for him?