We service all bike brands

Looking for a bike service or repair in Cambridge? Look no further - we'll keep your bike in tip-top condition. At the Giant Store Cambridge we're cycling experts and our skilled bike mechanic works in a modern well equipped workshop at our store on Hills Road. 

We service all types of bicycles, not just Giants. From a wheel true to a major overhaul or frameset build up, we do it all. So call in today or contact us to book an appointment.

All prices are for standard servicing and certain styes of equipment may cost more

Our Services

Basic Service:

To get your bike rolling again.

Gears: Indexed, lubricated and re-aligned
Brakes: Checked & adjusted
Chains: Measured for wear & lubricated
Wheels & Tyres: Inspected for wear & defects
Bike: Full safety check

Standard Service:

To get your bike ready for standard use.

Includes Basic Service plus:
Bike Frame: Inspected for defects
Drive Chain & Components: Cleaned, degreased, checked & adjusted
Wheels & Spokes: Trued & re-tensioned

Pro Service:

To get your bike ready for anything.

Includes Basic & Standard Service plus:

Bike: Fully stripped-down and re-built (as required)
Bike Frame: Cleaned
Wheels & Hubs: Inspected, adjusted and re-greased*
Bottom Bracket: Checked & re-greased
Headset: Cleaned, inspected, adjusted & re-greased*

*Bearings are chargeable

Premium Service:

To give your bike that ‘brand new’ feeling.

Includes Pro Service plus:

Cabling: New inner & outer cables
Bottom Bracket & Headset/Hub: Serviced where required
Bottom Bracket & Headset: Chased and faced where required
Brakes: Disc brake bleed/Di2 update where required
Wheels: Full wheelset tension and true in truing stand
Full strip to bare frame and re-build.
All fitting labour included for extra parts.

All Electric versions of the services are as above plus:

Software update (plus printout)
Battery condition test (plus printout)
External motor condition check (where visible)
Physical battery inspection
External wiring harness condition check
Terminal check and clean


As the above Premium Service plus:

Motor/Battery: Removal (if required)

Replacement parts are not included.


Menu Services

Hourly Labour Rate


Basic Service


Standard Service


Pro Service


Premium Service


E-Basic Service


E-Standard Service


E-Pro Service


E-Premium Service


Gearing Services

Full Gear Service


Gear Service Front Mech Only


Gear Service Rear Mech Only


Chain Fitment (inc. gear tweaks)


Gear Cable Fitment (inc. mech service)


Braking Services

Brake Service (pair)


Single Brake Service


Brake Cable Fitment (inc. single brake service)


Brake Pad Fitment (inc. single brake service)


Hydraulic Brake Bleed (single)


Frame Services

Headset Service


Headset Fitment


Headset Replacement



Drive Train Clean


Drive Train and Frame Clean


Frame Clean



E-bike Software Update


E-bike Diagnosis/Update Hardware

Inc. removing parts


Wheel Services

Hub Service (Front)


Hub Service (Rear)


Tube/Tyre Fitment Wheel Only


Tube/Tyre Fitment Front

(removal & re-fitting to bike)


Tube/Tyre Fitment Rear

(removal & re-fitting to bike)


Tube/Tyre Fitment Rear Hub/Dutch


Wheel Tension & True


Tubeless Conversion Single


Tubeless Conversion Pair



Full Mudguard fitting